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Victorious again, Greece came out of this war considerably enlarged, with the prestige of King Constantine I and Queen Sophia also increased.

  • However, to avoid a new political crisis, Constantine I finally proclaimed mobilization while making it clear that this was a purely defensive measure.

  • Surrounded by her family, Sophia found some stability but, convinced that Greece wouldn't remain a republic forever, refused to acquire the villa where she settled.

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A few weeks before the death of Alexander I, the Diadochos George was engaged to Princess , which gave the opportunity for Princess Helen of Greece to meet and in turn, become engaged to him.

  • Even more, it prevented the country to receive the support of the major powers in the war that Greece faced against the of since 1919.

  • A month later, Constantine I, still convalescent, reassumed his official duties and eventually called on Venizelos to head the Cabinet on 16 August.